Ganges 6.

"The End"

Comix Skool USA 
issues #7, 8, 9, 10


I had a gr8 time at these shows: TCAF, CXC, CAKE, San Diego COMIC CON, MCAD Minicon. Peace 2 all the cartoonists who I had nice conversations and gripe sessions. I am very inspired by all the amazing cartoonists working right now.  Hopefully coming out of all our never-recovering-froms in 2018.


Though I have shut down the Catastrophe Shop Main Site for now, you can still order books directly off of this blog ("in the calm center of the storm since 2006"). See the tag "for sale."

In the meantime, you can order my books from Spit and a Half (link).

I am behind on orders. We have been slowly shifting the way we deal with orders and distribution here at Fielder Midwestern Media, and some information data order supply chain grief has been a consequence of this shift.

If you are wondering where your order is, please drop me a line at 1000kevinh@gmail.com and I'll check on it. As always, we appreciate your faith and support in our Project(s).


Ganges #7, out in April (?).

Comix Skool USA will end at issue #12.

photo from Comics Workbook

Errata - Ganges 5 B/W/G Bootleg

It has been brought to my attention that some of the "black white and gray bootleg" copies of Ganges #5 floating around have some errors in them. If you have one of these and would like a corrected edition, email me at (one word) 1000 kevinh at symbol gmail period "com" with proof (a believable anecdote or phone photo is fine) and I will send you a new corrected copy.

New York Times Magazine Comics Issue

Some cartoonists (including Tom Gauld, Sammy Harkham, and David Mazzuchelli) and I drew some comics for the New York Times Magazine this weekend. (link)

Here are my pages, which were supposed to introduce and explain the concept of the issue. They appear in a somewhat different form online, and were animated by someone at the Times.

Thanks to Caitlin, Frank, Ben, and Linsey.