Ganges 6 *

Ganges 6

Available Soon from these stores, and wherever fine comic books are sold:

Copacetic Comics (Pittsburgh)
Beguiling (Toronto)
Secret Headquarters (Los Angeles)
Desert Island (Brooklyn)
Quimby's (Chicago)
Lucky's (Vancouver)
Floating World (Portland)

$8.00 plus S&H.
$10 (plus 15% s&h)

Due to popular demand I also have added a black and white "bootleg" copy of Ganges #5.


Here's a big file of the geological spiral from Ganges 5, if you want to zoom in or look at it on your retina screen.

Click here for the big file (link)

Ganges 5 pre-order

Ganges 5 pre-order is up at WTD. Books ship in a week or so. It costs you a bit extra but I get more of the dough (I self-published it btw) and you get the book earlier than stores. I worked a lot on it and I’m excited to get to work on the next one, which is about half-finished already. Thanks for your support and interest. Please help me spread the word, tell your friends, etc. if you think they might be into it.

UPDATE: I will NOT be filling orders myself, all web orders will be going through the above link. So if you're used to ordering directly from me, I won't be selling Ganges 5 this time. I still have some copies of issues 2-4 (long out of print) available at scarcity prices from the Catastrophe Shop.

ON_mirror_G,JLH-MB 4 Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015

Naturally, there are half-way stages in this scheme of things. Some babies do not quite give up hope and they study the object and do all that is possible to see in the object some meaning that ought to be there if only it could be felt. Some babies, tantalized by this type of relative maternal failure, study the variable maternal visage in an attempt to predict the mother’s mood, just exactly as we all study the weather. The baby quickly learns to make a forecast: ‘Just now it is safe to forget the mother’s mood and to be spontaneous, but any minute the mother’s face will become fixed or her mood will dominate, and my own personal needs must then be withdrawn otherwise my central self may suffer insult.’
     Immediately beyond this in the direction of pathology is predictability, which is precarious, and which strains the baby to the limits of his or her capacity to allow for events. This brings a threat of chaos, and the baby will organize withdrawal, or will not look except to perceive, as a defense. A baby so treated will grow up puzzled about mirrors and what the mirror has to offer. If the mother’s face is unresponsive, then a mirror is a thing to be looked at but not to be looked into.
     To return to the normal progress of events, when the average girl studies her face in the mirror she is reassuring herself that the mother-image is there and that the mother can see her and that the mother is en rapport with her. When girls and boys in their secondary narcissism look in order to see beauty and to fall in love, there is already evidence that doubt has crept in about their mother’s continued love and care. So the man who falls in love with beauty is quite different from the man who loves a girl and feels she is beautiful and can see what is beautiful about her.
-DW Winnicot, from Playing and Reality