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I finished this book many months ago, but as of today, I know of only 10 copies in the English-speaking lands. I had 9 books at SPX which went quickly (Mom got the other one, hi Mom). We’re still trying to figure out how to get more books out of Italy. Shipping costs and large email lag times are among the issues.

The last few installments of “Bad IQ” will be up at WTD soon, and then that’s THE END (seriously!) of the strip in the RFT. Mixed feelings, etc. etc., but it was time to move energy into other things. More news in the coming weeks about the complete collection.

Some of my sketchbook pages are in this new book, which is 350 pages and is fun to look through. The cover design could be better. The pages I sent are from 2009, I think? It’s a good idea to put dates on sketchbook pages. On the other hand you see how quickly time flies, and how so many ideas that once seemed so exciting have been neglected. Why?

I have had a Tumblr for a little while now, it is here. It makes me feel less lonely and inconsequential when people like and re-blog my posts. I'll take what I can get. For their own reasons, Ted May and Dan Zettwoch have also created Tumblrs -- see here and here. (Ted also has a Pinterest.)

Some new posts over at the F/R blog and New Construction.

Been reading Shazam! (this series). I started out wanting to look at CC Beck and ended up really enjoying the stories. Otto Binder himself appears in the first panel of issue #1. (Is there a good career retrospective or writing about Binder's work? A list of his best runs?) Today I'm reading "The Man Who Grew His Beard" and it's great.



Over at the Catastrophe Shop, all AMAZING FACTS AND BEYOND Collections have been marked down from $5 to $3 each! That's all 5 for just $15! For a Limited Time!* ACT NOW. We're into our 5th year now on this strip, and all of them have been uploaded FREE to the Leon Beyond Blog. The collections contain extras like behind the scenes Introductions and useful "Beyondexes" for cross-referencing. The first and fourth collections have screen-printed covers.


Each one has its peculiar charms! 

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*but probably for a while