2016 Reading

Here's some of the books I was reading or thinking about in 2016.

This is only a fraction. Actual objects that I held in my hands and considered. I liked some of them a lot, I didn't like some of them, some of them I liked the cartooning but hated the book design, some of them I thought the book design was interesting but that the content was not that interesting. Some of these are great covers, some are terrible covers.

I continue to love books and hate books. I love to go out and get books and come home with them, but I also like sorting through them and getting rid of some, or giving some away to good homes. I encourage you to do this too. It's the natural way of books.

Special note: I'm posting this on the internet. I hate the internet.

The library should be a weekly trip. The bookstore should be a monthly trip. Every quarter you should attend a "book sale" of some kind put on by an organization. This is the best place to buy books.

Last comes the Internet. The Internet hates books and is trying to destroy book culture and destroy actual physical books. It's a good place to find out about books, though.

Here's some good links to lists of books by bloggers who read more and are smarter and have better taste than me:

Also see Comics Workbook for a ton of comics to covet and learn about.

David Auerbach

Austin Kleon

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