Final Week of the Semester (first draft)

Well, here we go. Time to see what they did this semester. It's a somber party, with everyone getting a chance at the dj booth. It goes on for over 5 hours each day.

If you are interested in my new zines, COMIX SKOOL USA, there are now 5 issues. They are notes and handouts I've used in my classes at MCAD, where I teach 6 separate courses over the course of the year.

Visual Storytelling
Intro to Comics
Comics 2
Advanced Senior Seminar
Experimental Comics

Watch this space for more info, but if you would like to order them, they are available from Quimby's in Chicago, or Spit and a Half.

If you would like to order them directly from me, send money to me in Paypal. It's $20.00 for all 5 issues, $5 for each one individually.

Email me for more information and to order.


PS Destroyer's Rubies is 10 years old! Canada!
PPS Remember when Todd McFarlane gave all his favorite bros like $100,000 or something to write a few issues of Spawn? Remember how awesome they were?! Canada! I would like to offer $100 to Michael DeForge, Seth, and Marc Bell to write the next few upcoming issues of GANGES. Email me.
PPPS Minnesota. Congratulations to Tom and Jordan and everyone for the ODOD line. Gabrielle's new book is out next April. Sorry I've missed the two events for your book, Anders and Jay. It's a good book!