New Books up at the Catastrophe Shop

This minicomic is 32 pages and contains 4 stories. Two of them are already up at What Things Do (here and here). The strips have been reformatted, and of course they're not in color here but they look pretty good in black and white. And then there's two new stories you haven't seen yet. One of those is another Postcard from Fielder and the other is called First Try and is "weird" and abstract and "interesting." Hand-colored covers!

Collections Four and Five of Amazing Facts and Beyond...with Leon Beyond.  As you can see, one has a screen-printed cover, and the other is hand-colored.

I spent a lot of time on this one. It's got gags and some pretty fancy cartooning, and an infinite grid of panels, only some of which you can see and read, but occasionally you catch a glimpse of it fading off into infinity, and also the grid contains itself nested within itself at different levels. 
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