photo by Shun Jie Yong


Kevin Huizenga (HIGH zing guh) grew up in a suburb of Chicago, South Holland, which is a small town of Dutch immigrants. He is the son of an accountant and a nurse. In high school he started reading minicomics and quit playing baseball. He attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he started drawing the influential mini-comic Supermonster

On the advice of a fellow cartoonist, Huizenga then moved to St. Louis where he continued to draw comics, which quickly caught the attention of the industry, and led to his comic book series Or Else.  Eventually, he created his series Ganges. Huizenga lives in Minneapolis where he taught in the Comic Art program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design from 2015-2019.

His graphic novels include CursesThe Wild Kingdom, and Gloriana. His work has been translated into six languages, including Dutch; he won five Ignatz awards and been nominated for Harvey and Eisner awards.

NEW BOOK Glenn Ganges in: The River At Night out in Sept. 2019